J E B A Y     .N E T

Hi, Jebay here! It's great to have you; I was involved in a networking project and it was fun. It's amazing to work with incredible people who specialize in this field. People all over the world can connect with each other , it's like there's no distance, there are closer to each other than it seem. The technology of the 21st Century is terrific, I can only imagine how the technology of the future would look like. Thumbs up to those who contributed to this technology but they should also know that no one or thing can take the place of God.

He is Supreme; actually all these inventions in technology happen because He allows it. There are so many things that science has no answer or cure to but those things are too cheap for God. In a second God can do what scientists try to understand in decades and still come up with no solution. Hey there's a big Guy up there, He is JESUS CHRIST

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