You would have figured out that I am a Christian who has passion for science. Some persons think it is not possible for a Christian to be into science; that's not true. Remember when Daddy God created the world, He created man also and when He was making the woman, he made man fall into deep sleep, opened up his flesh, took out the rib, closed it and then the woman was formed (Genesis 2 vs 21).

He operated on the man, isn't that what happens today? People want to drift away from the Will of God, hence they justify it by saying that there is no God. HE has always been and will always be. Whether people believe it or not, it doesnt change His existence.

Jebay is set out to Glorify Jesus in every way possible; Jesus is the Son of the Most High God, He was on earth to save us (which He did) and He will be coming back again, not to save but to take those who are His and are waiting for His return.