I know you already know Him; Jesus is the Son of God, He is a good guy, he does not let anything bad come near those who love Him, he will always come through for them. It may seem as though nothing is happening but the truth is he is actually working, remember He is the TRUTH. Nothing bad comes from him, he is the good guy who wants to help us. He died for the world, but hey! they dont care. He is going to come back again.

There is so much hate in the world, there is so much wickedness and evil around the world which makes people ask the question "If there's a God, if He is good as Christians do say then why is there so much wickedness and He is not doing anything about it?"

He is doing something about it but they wouldnt listen, He's not going to force them but remember something , a time is coming when evil people will pay for their crimes and that time is here. REPENT, Jesus is coming to take those who are ready to receive Him. Are you ready?